Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

When I saw the title of Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe: Are Urban Legends & Sunday School Myths Ruining Your Faith?  I needed to see if it was for real or if it was something inspired by Satan to lead people astray. What I found was an easy reading book debunking “Spiritual Urban Legends” with references to the Bible and the words of Christ. It was easy reading, but powerful in what it said and how it made me think. Faith can’t fix everything, not everyone “goes to a better place” when they leave this earth, Christians shouldn’t judge, and seven other things you probably heard every week in Sunday School growing up and in Sermons as an adult.

Reading Ten Dumb Things and deciding for yourself if Larry Osborne makes his case that the ten things are truly dumb will give you a lot to think about and help you walk closer as a follower of Jesus of Nazareth.

Ten Dumb Things