The Kincaid Books Logo

The Kincaid Books Logo is a Christian Symbol, but a subtle one so as not to drive away those to whom Christianity is anathema.

The Holy Trinity is fundamental to Christianity and is a cause of much confusion in the world. How can one God be three Persons? Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, used the shamrock to explain it. The shamrock leaf is one leaf, but has three equal parts. The Triune God is one God, in three equal Persons. The leaf represents Christianity in the form of God, being one whole made of three equal parts. The “K” and the “B” show the connection of Kincaid Books to Christianity.

Kincaid Books is American, so we think of our symbol as a clover leaf rather than a shamrock leaf. Our clover leaf has three parts, which symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The logo therefore represents Christianity with the clover leaf, and Kincaid Books with the “K” and the “B”

How the Kincaid Books Logo was made, starting from a sketch on a piece of paper, see How The Logo Was Made