Charles M. Sheldon Bibliography

Links to the Kincaid Books reprints of Sheldon's works currently available are provided in the table below. These reprints have been carefully typeset and compared to the source editions to insure that the reading experience is as pleasant as possible, without the bad imaging often found in facsimile editions or the many errors and mispellings common to editions produced using OCR. Our editions have been proofread at least three times, with corrections between each pass, as well as having been spellchecked. The originals are all nearly a hundred years old or more and usages and spellings have changed. We have endevoured to match the source editions as closely as possible, so some spelling and grammar may seem off to modern readers.

This bibliography is a work in progress. It is not complete, but I believe that what is included is correct. Between Richard Bruce in 1891 and his retirement from First Church in 1919 Sheldon read thirty of his stories to the Sunday evening services. Twenty four titles are in the table below, out of an expected total of thirty. The table will be corrected and added to as we become aware of the missing titles and any errors.

Title Year Published
Richard Bruce or The Life That Now Is 1891
Robert Hardy's Seven Days 1893
His Brothers Keeper or Christian Stewardship 1896
In His Steps 1897
The Twentieth Door 1898
The Redemption of Freetown 1898
The Crucifixion of Phillip Strong 1898
For Christ and the Church 1899
John King's Question Class 1899
The Miracle at Markham 1899
Lend A Hand 1899
Edward Blake: College Student 1900
Malcolm Kirk 1900
Born To Serve 1901
The Reformer 1902
The Narrow Gate 1903
The Heart Of The World 1905
The High Calling 1911
A Builder of Ships 1912
Jesus Is Here! 1914
Modern Pagans 1917
Howard Chase, Red Hill, Kansas 1918
Heart Stories 1920
Richest Man In Kansas 1921

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